Pysanky from Ukraine

April 23, 2022

At my studio we had a special presentation by Nadiia Ozerova on art of Ukrainian Easter egg tradition.

Ukrainian Pysanky is more than an Easter egg. According to the ancient legend, while people make pysankys, the world exists.

In this presentation lead by Nadiia Ozerova, an expert on Ukrainian folklore, you will learn the ancient art of creating pysankys, their meaning, symbolism, and traditions. Nadiia will introduce you to unique designs of pysankys from different regions of Ukraine, help you choose the design for your project and walk you step-by-step through the tranquil process of creating your own pysanky.

We ask you for a donation to the Ukrainian-Polish Foundation that serves Ukrainian families with terminally ill children. The foundation provides palliative care to children in Ukraine, safe evacuation of their families to Poland, and housing and medical treatment in Poland. To learn more, follow this link:

We also invite you to visit to learn about other oportunites to help Ukranian people at the


About Nadiia Ozerova

Nadiia was born and raised in the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk, a seaport at the Azov Sea.
She holds a Master’s degree in Ukrainian language, literature, and folklore from Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv.
Nadiia believes that traditional art and the synergy of creative work will help empower Ukrainian people to withstand the worst challenges they are now enduring. While people make pysankas, the world exists.