November 16-18, 2023 -The Poetic Still Life with Kristen Valle Yann, Tallahassee, FL

“The Poetic Still Life with Kristen Valle Yann”

November 16-18, 2023

9am - 4pm, (lunch break from 12noon to 1pm).

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In this workshop, Kristen will share her indirect method of oil painting in which layers of paint are built daily to create a still-life painting with depth and nuance. Students will be guided in the construction of the arrangement, drawing stage, transfer, block-in, and finish. Some experience with oil paints is encouraged.

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Day One

Objective: Arrangement of still-life, drawing of still life, transfer of drawing to panel.  

Materials for day one: 


Day Two

Objective: Block-in of still-life using oil paint 

Materials for day two: 


Day Three

Objective: Start and finish second layer of still life painting 

Materials for day three: same as day two

About Kristen Valle Yann:

Kristen Yann is a classical representational oil painter and former resident artist of East Oaks Studio. Born and raised in a rural town just north of Tampa, Kristen spent much of her childhood inspired by nature and the quiet beauty around her. In 2018, Kristen received a BFA from Florida State University, specializing in painting and drawing. Currently, Kristen is a full-time artist, working in subjects from portrait and figure, to landscape and still life, each representing a still and contemplative quality. Kristen’s work has honored her notable recognition with organizations such as The Portrait Society of America. Her work can be found at Collins Galleries in Cape Cod and Sugarlift Gallery in New York City along with public and private collections. For more info about Kristen visit her website:


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