An easel and a pallet for oil probably glass or wood. If you are comfortable with grey paper pallet, that works too

Sketch book and pencils for drawing


  • Titanium
  • *Brilliant yellow light(I love Richeson)
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Cadmium yellow 
  • Golden ocre 
  • *Indian Yellow 
  • cadmium orange
  • napthol red 
  • Quinacridone rose 
  • ultramarine blue ( I LOVE Michael Harding)
  • *Viridian or Phalo Green
  • Transparent red oxide
  • ivory black 


  • Brilliant yellow xtra pale by Williamsburg(Wings and feathers)
  • *Raidiant blue Gamblin 
  • *Raidiant violet by gamblin
  • *Pale Violet Michael Hardin
  • *Kings blue deep by Michael Harding 

The * is on my pallet but you can be fine without them, they are able to be mixed

The bottom 4 are my favorites (again not necessary but I LLLOVE those)


I prefer working on panels whenever possible. I personally love Centurion. Please bring multiple sizes.


  • Pallet knife
  • Brushes I will be using Rosemary's Shiraz Filberts
  • ....including a soft brush such as a blender or mop(I love rosemary mundy mop)
  • Razor blade to clean pallet
  • Gamsol (mineral spirits)grab a medium sized
  • Neo McGilp
  • Paper towel ...I use viva, I like it a lot
  • grocery bags for trash
  • Wet-ones wipes keep the hands clean
  • I also use Murphy’s oil soap to clean my brushes and dawn soap
Clay Tools:

Please bring any sculpting tools you may have

I will also have some to share

We will provide a clay that will air dry!!