General terms for artwork leasing

Cost of Leasing: The monthly cost of leasing is 3% of the price of the leased artwork(s) or $45 if the leased artwork(s) price is less than $1500.

Short-term leasing: The minimum cost of leasing is two (2) monthly payments. The payment for the first two months is due at the time of signing.

Leasing toward purchase: All payments made after four (4) month can be used as credit for buyout. Thus a customer becomes an owner in less than 37 month in which case the effective cost of paying in installments is about 4% annually.

Termination and buyout: The client may terminate the lease agreement at any time. The client may purchase the artwork using the accumulated credit at any time. The client may exchange the artwork, and sign a new lease at any time; this would terminate the original lease agreement. The artist may terminate the lease once the initially negotiated term of the lease expires.

To estimate payment, please see lease payment calculator.

Existing customers please see this page for payment options: